Arts Still Alive

Tue, Jul 8, 2008

Arts Still Alive

Arts Still Alive

Publication: Primary Sub Committee of the Art Education Association of WA

Arts Still Alive began in 1991 from an idea prompted by a meeting of teachers during a ‘sharing session’. Due to the overwhelming response, a run of 100 books was photocopied and hand collated by an enthusiastic editorial team. The next year, Volume 2 was more upmarket being a professionally printed run of 250 copies. In 1996, the first coloured edition was printed and included a colour centre fold which helped to even better illustrate the artworks. In 1997, a new format was trialled which linked the Carrier Project with the Curriculum Framework. Volume 7 was a sellout of 500 copies.

Arts Still Alive is not currently being produced. Some Art Projects are written up in the Art Ed Journal which is now produced twice a year and is available to financial members only.

All Back Issues have now been sold

  • Some books may still be available from School Mart at approx $25.

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