Screen Printing Workshop with James Bryans 2008

Sun, Jun 29, 2008

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Screen Printing Workshop with James Bryans  2008

Register now for a full weekend workshop being run by teacher, practicing artist and experienced commercial screen printer, James Bryans on Saturday and Sunday 30 -31 August 2008.

This workshop is intended as an overview of various silkscreening techniques that can be used at home, school (for teachers) or your own art studio. Participants will learn simple, easy, cost effective, practical techniques of screenprinting onto paper or fabric. You will be able to print your own postcards, greeting cards, reproduce a family photo or print a small edition.

For example, learn how to screenprint without needing inks by producing a print with ordinary watercolour inks or water-soluble pencils. Use oil or wax crayons for drawing stencils directly onto the screen. All non-toxic, all waterbased methods. Other techniques covered will include simple paper stencils, a look at computer aided stencils and include industry based photographic emulsion techniques.

The workshop will also include how to register your print correctly, as well as a whole range of handy hints and making your own basic ‘DIY’ screenprinting equipment. All inks will be waterbased. However, there still will be some chemical clean up with the industry based methods. Please wear comfortable clothes that can/could get spoiled or a full-length apron.

Please RSVP to Eileen Walter

You will need to bring your own acrylic paints and drawing equipment, a simple line drawing that can incorporate 3 to 5 colours and a range of watercolour/printmaking papers (such as Arches or Stonehenge, etc). All other equipment will be provided, however some minor drawing equipment and accessories are required. If you don’t have some of the below equipment don’t despair or go out and buy the most expensive 4B pencil you can get! Cheapest is still ok and most will be provided if you don’t have it at hand.

  • Line Drawing, photocopies of an image that can have 3 to 4 colours included,
    approx A5 to A4 size
  • **Same line drawing on TRANSPARENT FILM, minimum of 2 COPIES.
  • Drawing equipment, i.e. pencil, ruler, notebook, etc
  • Watercolour paints/inks
  • Water-soluble coloured pencils
  • Leaded pencils, 4B or higher
  • Oil or Wax crayon (especially white) (cheap kids crayons are better)
  • Wax candle, soft (a cheap one)
  • Charcoal
  • Lithographic crayon (only if you already have one! Not necessary otherwise)
  • Kitchen gloves
  • Acrylic paints (not necessarily the expensive brands)
  • Cardboard (similar to the back of drawing pads or visual diary)
  • Printing paper or watercolour paper such as: Arches, BFK, Stonehenge, Fabriano, etc.
  • Thick Cartridge paper (a little supplied)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Cotton Rags or sponges
  • Plastic Spatulas (no sharp edges, file smooth)
  • Clean Takeaway Tubs for mixing or Paper cups
  • Mineral Turpentine or Acrylic Thinner (some provided)
  • Comfortable clothes that can/could get spoiled or a full-length apron.
  • Stanley Knife
  • If you have any screenprint equipment, like screens or squeegees, fabric inks, etc
    you are welcome to bring that along too!

Workshops are $125.00 per person for two days. A materials fee of $25.00 also applies.

Maximum of only 5 to 6 people per workshop!

Tea, coffee and juice provided, please bring lunch or a plate for all to share.


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