Welcome Art Basics

Thu, Apr 9, 2015

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Welcome Art Basics

Art Basics has been a supplier of art and craft materials across Australia for over 32 years.

We are 100 percent Australian owned.

Normal orders will only take one week to get to you once placed.

We currently import from many countries around the world for items that are not manufactured in Australia. We distribute for over 200 manufacturers and importers in Australia and can supply most, if not all major and minor brands in this art, craft and stationery field. We carry over 20,000 products and if we do not have something in stock, we can source it for you.

Art Basics actively sources products that have low or no detrimental impact on the environment, especially for items that we import directly. We comply with many of the worldwide treaties in this regard such as the CITES agreement which protects endangered species of animals and plant life mainly where they are used for the manufacture of brushes.

We source canvas from suppliers who are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard, 100% certified organic and Fair Trade International. We will not import from any companies in countries exploiting workers for cheap or child labour. We seek products that are non-toxic and have ASTM ratings to ensure that our products are safe at all times.At Art Basics we continually update and expand our product range with new lines to satisfy customer needs and creative desires at affordable prices!We aim to provide for customers of all sizes. We are a company that prides themselves on service and efficiency.

Shop with ease online ( or contact us directly on 929 33033 or 0410 456 532 for friendly, expert answers to any questions you have about our art supplies and craft materials.”

Sandie Schroder
Art Basics, WA Sales and Art Material Specialist

Office 08 92933033
Mobile 0410 456 532

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